Chopbiscuit Preeminent booze review: Righteous Ale - Sixpoint Brooklyn, NY

We figured it’s time to get back to our roots here at Chopbiscuit and continue the reviews of The World’s Best draughts. We’re often seen walking our pints throughout town and cuddling with our favorite Belgium’s at the Cinema. Beer is our canvas and we paint that canvas by drinking more beer. We have poked fun at our favorite canned beers in the past, but ultimately we love the best in craft beer brewing. Whether it’s a Belgium White, American Brown Ale, Japanese Rice lager or an oatmeal stout - We enjoy a good beer and a firm hand shake. So, let’s continue the exposition with our reviews.

Brewery: Sixpoint, Brooklyn, NY

Beer: Righteous Ale

Beer style description: Rye

Color: Light Brown - Cinnamon

ABV: 7.2%


I’ve been an advocate of great beers in cans for quite awhile now. Unfortunately, the process to be able to can your beer for some smaller micro breweries is quite an expensive undertaking. Luckily, Six Point Ales out of Brooklyn takes this lead in representin’ the cans with their premium collection of hand crafted ales.

The aroma from the canned version of Righteous Ale was much more intense than the beer I had on tap at a few of my favorite watering holes. The spicy notes from the rye definitely stand out. Also, the rye aftertaste is also more pronounced in the canned version. In my opinion, the canned version is a rank better than the tapped version. Let me point out, I’ve never been a big fan of rye ales. Sometimes, the smell and aroma has driven me away after drinking a few sips. Rye is a tough, resilient grain that doesn’t have the sweetness of a barley. But, if you’re interested in tasting a perfect Rye Ale, this is it.

This beer has single handily changed my entire mindset and opinion on Rye beers, I had initially written the entire style off as smelly, homeless out of work cousin of good quality ales. That said, this is an extremely well crafted brew that is supremely drinkable and a great pairing with many food options. Well done Sixpoint, well done. Make sure you head on over to the Six Point Ales site to check out their brewer’s log and see what this clever, crafty bunch is brewing up in their lab.

Four out of Four Biscuits

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